This Post is Frightening for me

The reason why? I will be posting the first chapter of my story for the criticizing public eye. (not that a ton of people see this blog anyway...) But I have only shown my story to kind friends and family members so far, and I need more advice. And I also hope you guys will kinda like it too... So, without further ado, here it is!

Chapter 1: A New Life The people of Avenlynn were in an Uproar. (yes, it was serious enough for capitals) There was a stranger sighted on the road to their little mountain town. A stranger! Truth be told, they had seen a great many strangers on the road. With the Evalynn silk business booming, strangers had become quite common. It was enough for Mrs. Paris to reach for her smelling salts to chase away the faintness, the way People, especially of the young variety, gallivanted all over creation these days.  No, this stranger was not like the strangers seen before. For one thing, he was not in a carriage, cart, or a buggy or even on a horse. He was walking with …

A Prejudiced Book Reveiw

Ha ha. Look at my clever title. Titles are not my strong point, so I'm glad I found a suitable one. Ahem.
 I have this odd habit of forming prejudices against random books. One day, I was arguing with my  argumentative friend about Mr. Darcy and how Gilbert Blythe is better than him. That turned into a  beautiful debate about Which Book Is Better: Pride and Prejudice or Anne of Green Gables?  Considering I had never read Pride and Prejudice ( had watched the miniseries and loved it),  my arguments were rather unfounded. Of course,she has never read Anne of Green Gables,  so her arguments were just as unfounded as mine. But that is of little matter. My friend challenged me to read  the whole book and not like it.  So, I set to work  reading it with a vengeance. I was determined that only the deepest love would persuade  me into matrimony  I would not like that book; if I had to admit I was wrong, it would  be a dis-grace. (Did you read that in Lady Catherine's voice? Because I wrote it w…

I made this. For you.


It's Been A While...

Hi. I'm not dead, see?

So, I work a janitorial job at my school this summer and it is very boring. It's wiping down everything in sight. And scrapping tape residue off things. And gum residue off things. Yep. Yawn. I would not survive this job if I didn't have audio books. I have compiled a list of 101 titles ( ok, only 61) I want to listen to. And I came across a wonderful audio book. Can you guess which one?

Correct. This book, however, was not the first on the list, or even on the list, because I have already read it many many times. So my inward conversation went something like this:


The Marrilla in me: Calm down. You have a list of 61 titles to get through. You have no business buying and listening to a book you have already read.

The Anne In me: But Kirra, it's Anne Of Green Gables...

Me: Touché. We're doing this.

I bought it. It …

Sniggering at Mr. Bingley


Lizzy Bennet’s Mash Future

Once upon a time, you met Mr. Darcy and got married.
You moved to Pemberly and lived in a Mansion.
You eventually had Not one and twenty childeren with Mr. Darcy. You drove around in morefine carriages than Jane. You worked as a Great Reader until the age of 65, when you retired.

And I have MORE!  Would you like me to Mash some more Jane Austin characters?

Teh Faek Fantom Ov Teh Opera

Excuse the odd title. I just made the most amazing discovery of a  site that allows you to speak like an unedumakted cat and have been giggling ever since. And as this is a reveiw of Fake Fantom (I do know how to spell Phantom, but this was needed for alliteration), I felt it needed an unedumakted title to go with it.

When I watched it for the first time, I was just like “ GAAAAAAAAA! I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! And then proceeded to watch it six more times, because that’s what happens when I fall in love with a movie. But this is, like every single movie I have ever watched. Unless it’s a stupid kid’s movie, like My Little Pony. After I watch a movie six thousand times, however, I start to see its warts and then I decide I hate it. This is not with all movies, but it is with Phantom of the Opera 2004. And it has many, many warts.

Ok, wart number one: Raoul’s hair= disgusting. I have a thing with a Hero’s hair: if it’s stupid, I will not like the character or the actor’s interpretation of th…